To become a leading affordable food brand, eaterie and caterer for the average household and family within Asia, Europe and elsewhere.



Brodega Food aims to provide low cost, natural, organic and traditional food and drinks fused with modern tastes for the local communities. Besides manufacturing different food and drinks, Brodega Food will establish a chain of fast to table restaurants and catering services while sourcing the ingredients from local farms and Brodega Food’s own digitally optimized and automated farm. This way building a model and basic infrastructure that other farmers and Brodega Food franchises can adopt for the benefit of their local communities.


Cultural and traditional recipes

Experimenting and pushing boundaries

Natural and organic ingredients

Digitally automated and off grid farming 

Environmental and social responsibility

Continuous improvement and optimization

Improving local communities

Spreading compassion and loving kindness



Contact Us

Address: Cambodia

Email: info@brodegafood.com