Cool Season Hot Sauce

Looking to spice up a cold spell or just warm yourself up when the weather gets cold. We have a simple yet delicious and fodmap friendly hot sauce recipe that is sure to add some heat to any meal. 

This recipe was inspired by the memories of cool nights of northern Cambodia or the freezing and bundled up temperatures of a Ukrainian winter lacking in fresh vegetables. Taking in the experiences and food limitations of such seasons, we created a sauce that would bring comfort, energy and freshness to a bland season.

We will start off by preparing half an onion, about 300 grams of chili peppers, about 20 cloves of garlic, 2 medium sized bell peppers and several slices of ginger that are around 100 grams. We will cut these vegetables and roots into tiny miniscule pieces or otherwise we can blend them with a simple food processor. We recommend blending everything over cutting in order to get more juice out of the vegetables, but if food processor or blender is not available, cutting will suffice as long as a single cut piece is a quarter of the size of a teaspoon.

Once all the vegetables are cut, you can place all of them in a frying pan. Add 2 tablespoons of palm sugar over them. If palm sugar is not available, you can substitute with brown sugar or just regular sugar. Next pour about half a cup of lime juice over all the vegetables and sugar, mix lightly together and set the stove heat to around 150 degrees or medium. Stir the mix on the heated pan for 5-10 minutes or until you can see all the vegetables becoming soft and tender. 

Once the vegetables are ready, pour the entire mix from the pan into a large mixing bowl and set it aside. 

Next, we will take our quarter of a cup of peanuts and quarter of a cup of sunflower seeds and drop them in a blender, food processor or just use a clay bowl and mortar. Here we want to get as close to liquid-like consistency as possible that resembles peanut butter. Of course, if you are using a mortar, this will not be possible but you can still mash the nuts and seeds into very tiny pieces and use them for this recipe. Once they have been mashed or blended, add it into the bowl of vegetables.

Now we will add our spices over the bowl of vegetables and nuts. Sprinkle in ten tablespoons of sugar, 2 teaspoons of black or white pepper and two thirds of a cup of salt. It may seem like a large amount of salt, but this will help in preserving the sauce for longer use. Once all the spices are added, mix all the ingredients well together and pour into an air tight jar.

When all your ingredients are finally in the air tight jar, you can pour in around 1 cup of vinegar and stir all the ingredients well together again. Ideally, all the food ingredients should be mixed in with the vinegar to form a sauce like consistency. Then you can close your air tight jar and set it in a cool and shaded place for about 1 to 3 days, depending on your local temperature. When we prepared this in Cambodia, it took only 1 day in the tropical heat for bubbles to appear and  the sauce to finish fermenting. However, when we did this in autumn in Eastern Europe, it took full 3 days for bubbles to appear and the sauce to finish fermenting. This is due to colder weather slowing down the fermentation process. 

How can you tell if your sauce has fermented well? 

Once you begin to see a good amount of bubbles forming at the top or sides of the jar, it should be sufficient to get the right taste out. For this sauce recipe, we do not ferment our ingredients for very long compared to some other fermented foods like kimchi, prohok or other pickled vegetables. We have tried and tested different lengths of time for the fermentation and we find that some of the unique and special taste comes from the short fermentation process. However, you can feel free to extend how long you wish to ferment your sauce or skip the fermentation all together, whatever it takes to get your taste buds excited.

Once the sauce has finished fermenting, add it to your next BBQ, dinner or any of your favorite dishes. This is a very mild spicy sauce with a unique taste that will be sure to make any bland meal taste great. Store your sauce in the refrigerator to be able to extend its shelf life to up to 3 whole months. Three whole months? That’s right! We’ve got your cool season covered. Enjoy!

Ingredients(3 Servings):

1 cup vinegar

0.5 cup lime juice

2/3 cup salt

10 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons palm sugar

2 teaspoons black/white pepper

Half an onion

20 cloves of garlic

300 grams of chilli

2 bell peppers

100 grams ginger

¼ cup of peanuts

¼ cup of sunflower seeds


  1. Blend or cut into tiny pieces the following ingredients, onion, garlic and chili peppers, bell peppers and ginger.
  2. Place the blended vegetables in pan, add in the lime juice and palm sugar
  3. Heat the pan and stir the vegetable mix until all vegetables become soft and tender at which point you can pour the vegetable mix in a separate bowl
  4. Blend or mash a quarter cup of peanuts and sunflower seeds and once finally blended or mashed into tiny pieces, add to the bowl of cooked vegetables
  5. Add in the black pepper, sugar and salt to the bowl of vegetable mix
  6. Mix all the ingredients well together
  7. Pour in the food mix into an air tight jar and pour vinegar over everything
  8. Again mix all the ingredients together with the vinegar inside the airtight jar
  9. Close the airtight jar and set it to stand in a cool shaded place for 1-3 days depending on your local temperature.
  10. After a few days, your sauce is ready to eat. You can refrigerate this sauce and make it last up to 3 months



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