3-Day Fermented Tofu & Mushroom – Meat Substitute 

If you’re looking for an easy to make and cheap yet tasty and healthy meat alternative for your next dish, the 3-Day Fermented Tofu & Mushroom recipe works well with almost any meal. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or just want to save on funds by substituting meat, add this to your next dish for a tangy flavour that will fill your craving.

This condiment or meat substitute was originally inspired after eating Ukrainian pickled mushrooms. The taste and flavour was such a nice addition to a meal, we wanted to recreate the taste but with a shorter wait time and a bit more bulky taste. After several experiments in the kitchen with different ingredients, we created a recipe that is ready in just 3 days while still carrying hints of the original recipe taste. 

In this recipe we will use dried Shitake mushroom stems, but any kind of mushroom stem or cap will work. We do recommend to use dried mushrooms and preferably the stems instead of fresh or boiled mushrooms. The reason is that dried mushrooms when pulled apart, will resemble the texture and taste of meat much more and will soak in all the fermentation juices much more. 

To Start, we will cut our tofu and mushrooms into smaller pieces that we can fit and push down into the bottom of the jar. If you’re using dried mushrooms, we recommend pulling them apart by hand to expose more of the small inner fibers and enable them to soak in more of the fermentation juices.

We will then sprinkle in 1 teaspoon of white pepper and 1 tablespoon of sugar on top of our tofu and mushrooms at the bottom of the jar.

Set some water to boil and while you wait, prepare the other ingredients that need to go into the jar right before the boiling water. Pour three table spoons of soy sauce, four tablespoons of vinegar and half a tablespoon of lime juice into the jar with our tofu and mushrooms. 

We find that adding a bit of cooking oil and a fermented beverage helps to add more flavour that will help the fermentation process and boost a bit more of the meaty flavour. We will add half a tablespoon of coconut oil into the jar but if you do not have coconut oil around, olive oil works just as well.
Next, lets add a bit of one of your favourite fermented beverages. You can rice wine, light beer, kombucha or even our brand’s kvassnae drink. For the purpose of this recipe, we added two tablespoons of kombucha which we happened to bottle fresh earlier on the day of making this recipe. Once all the ingredients are in the jar, stir everything gently for about 30 seconds.
Finally, quickly pour in the boiling water, stir for a few seconds and close the jar tightly.
The preparation process is now complete and we can put our jar in a cool and dark place for three days. You can extend this to 5 days if you want a bit more of a funky and zesty flavour. After the first day of fermentation, open the jar for just a few seconds every day to allow some gasses to escape. You don’t need to leave it open for long, in fact just three to five seconds should be sufficient, then quickly close the jar again and leave it to ferment. 

On the final day( day 3 or day 5), you can open the jar and add your tofu and mushrooms to any soup, curry or fried dish as you like. Do not pour out the fermentation juice from the jar and use it to keep the remaining mushrooms and tofu. If you store it in the refrigerator, you can continue enjoying this treat for another two weeks. Without refrigeration, the mushrooms and tofu will keep fermenting and we recommend to finish it within two to three days after the initial fermentation process completed. 

Eat fresh and live forever.

Ingredients(3 Servings):

Firm Tofu
Shitake mushroom stems or caps
3 table spoons of Soy sauce
4 table spoons of Vinegar
Half table spoon of Coconut oil or olive oil
2 tablespoons of either beer, rice wine, kombucha or kvassnae beverage
Half table spoon of Lime juice
1 teaspoon of White pepper
2.5 cups of Water
1 tablespoon of Sugar


  1. Cut Tofu or mushroom stems/caps into smaller pieces and put them at bottom of jar
  2. Put white pepper and sugar on top of the tofu and mushrooms
  3. Boil water
  4. Put soy sauce, vinegar, oil, alcohol, lime juice into jar with tofu and mushrooms and stir gently with spoon
  5. Quickly pour in the boiling water and stir gently
  6. Close the jar tightly and put in a cool dark place for 3-5 days
  7. Everyday open jar for a few seconds to let gas out but close immediately after


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