Kvasnae Energy Drink

Using traditional brewing recipes from Kievan Rus and Khmer Empire, we combined local Cambodian herbs and ingredients to create an all natural energy drink that awakens the ancient warrior spirit inside. A taste of something energizing, something familiar and invigorating so you are ready to meet any challenge and persevere further in wherever your love and passion takes you.

~ Organic, Vegan ~

KLA Energy Bar

Born out of the feeling of elusive adrenaline, swift claws, and shocking fangs of rage of a tiger attack. This energy bar is a combination of local Khmer ingredients forged from natural fields and tall grasses where tigers roam and packed into a powerful bar you can enjoy on the go or as a snack . Take a bite and feel the tiger inside you leap out with claws cutting into any task. Whether you need a boost of energy, a dose of protein or a quick snack while on the go, KLA Energy Bar will give you the speed, stealth and strength of a young tiger or tigress, ready and fearless to take on the world.

~ Organic, Fodmap Friendly, Vegan ~

Sra Prei - Jungle Beer

When we gather together, we always remember the good times, things that made us laugh, the struggles of our past, the good people around us and the drinks we shared. All these things stay in our memories like a flavour that lasts beyond the first taste. We combined ancient and traditional brewing recipes from Kievan Rus and Khmer Empire together with all natural herbs and ingredients that are found in dense jungle and forest sediments and trees. Like a midsummer jungle feast around a bon fire with friends, we wanted to bring you this taste of traditional delight and celebration poured in a bottle. So for that moment, raise up your cups, reminisce on simpler joys, remember the natural way, enjoy a light buzz and celebrate with those close to your heart. 

~ Organic, Vegan ~


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